SYCO develops, synthesizes and distributes high performance additives for adhesives, coatings, contruction, leather, paper and polymers segments. With a Strong presence at Latin America, SYCO develops additives based on green chemistry with sustainable processes. SYCO has an experienced technical team with know-how in formulations, wich provides broad support for International regulations.

Our services exceed the standard process and seek to reach all the current customer needs and future developments. Chemists from SYCO are available to monitor the evolution of our additives into customers formulations helping to reduce costs and to achieve performance.

Chemical solutions from SYCO are developed in global scale. Besides that, SYCO holds solid partnerships with research centers, universities and renowned companies like the American PQ Corporation.



Rua Solimões, 550 - Campanário
Diadema - São Paulo - Brasil
Phone: +55 11 4614-6051 / 4148-1314

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